Sidewalk Cattlemens Scholarship Recipients 2018
In 2018, Dave Ward and Brent Viator presented the Madisonville Sidewalk Cattlemen’s Association scholarships to Brad Roundtree ($1000), Morgan Ann Manning ($1500), Kasey Lee Williams ($1000), and Kacelyn Jarrell ($1000). Photos courtesy of the Madisonville Meteor.
The Madisonville Sidewalk Cattleman’s Association presented its annual scholarship to D.L. Shiver, Carlie Standley, Lexi Standley, Tray Callaham, Martin Craig, Dalton McVey and Shelby Sheppard. The presenter was Joel Hardy.
Madisonville Sidewalk Cattlemen’s Association treasurer Joel Hardy presents MSCA sholarships to Joshua Cobbs, Meagan Ghormley, Trevor Jugert and Amy Shaw at Madisonville High School’s Awards Night on May 11, 2010.
Madisonville Sidewalk Cattlemens Association representatives presented $8,000.00 in scholarships to Madisonville High School 2008 graduates.
Front row: (L – R) Emily Wylie, Katelyn Mizell, Terressa Ward, Corey Jarrett, April Ford, Ashley Allen, Dave Ward
Back row: (L – R) Bruce Corbell, Travis Kelly, Colton Morgan, Trace Williams, J.D. Standley, Shane Prather